New Issue of the Journal of Public Deliberation is published!

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The Editors at the Journal of Public Deliberation are excited to announce that a new issue is now available at

This issue highlights deliberative and participatory practices in Colombia, Italy, South Korea, and Spain as well as the U.S.  The articles highlight a range of approaches including participatory budgeting, citizen juries, national issues forums, study circles, and informal community organizing. This issue offers advances in research methods and theory, and includes one reflection from the field and three book reviews.  Thank you to the authors and all the reviewers for their hard work on this issue. Here is the Table of Contents, go to the site to see the articles.

Journal of Public Deliberation, Vol. 10 Issue 2


“Public Deliberation and co-production in the political and electoral arena: A Citizens’ Jury approach” by Greg Munno and Tina Nabatchi

“On the westerness of deliberation research” by Seong-Jae Min

“Reason-giving in deliberative forums” by Brian E. Adams

“Mommy groups as sites for deliberation in everyday speech” by Windy Yvonne Lawrence and Benjamin R. Bates

“Deliberative transformative moments: A new concept as amendment to the Discourse Quality Index” by Maria Clara Jaramillo and Jurg Steiner

“What explains the success of participatory budgeting? Evidence from Seoul autonomous districts” by Intae Choi

“Flexibility, argumentation, and confrontation: How deliberative minipublics can affect policies on controversial issues” by Stefania Ravazzi and Gianfranco Pomatto

“Where are the boundaries of deliberation and participation? A transatlantic debate” by Pau Alarcon and Joan Font

Reflection from the Field

“Boosting the local economy of Ashland Ohio” by Louise C. Fleming-Dufala and Kimberly Field Springer

Book Reviews

“Review of Democracy as Popular Sovereignty by Filimon Peonidis” by David McIvor

“Review of Deliberative Systems: Deliberative Democracy at the Large Scale edited by John Parkinson and Jane Mansbridge” by John Min

“Review of Democracy and Political Ignorance: Why Smaller Government is Smarter by Ilya Somin” by Nicholas Zavediuk


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