Catalyst Papers

Our Catalyst Papers initiative is designed to help faculty break “educating for democracy” into manageable parts by addressing what can be done within specific disciplines and departments. No particular hub on campus “owns” democracy, and TDI takes an across-the-curriculum-and-campus approach.

The first round of catalyst papers are done and published on-line as a special issue on higher education for the Journal of Public Deliberation. We’re thinking about Round II. If you are interested in writing a catalyst paper, contact us.

Special Issue on Higher Education: Journal of Public Deliberation (Nancy L. Thomas and Martin Carcasson, eds.)

Special Features
Ted Becker, An Innovation for JPD and a Transition: The Profession and a Confession of an Editor

Nancy L. Thomas and Martin Carcasson, Editors’ Introduction: Special Issue on Higher Education

Nancy L. Thomas (ed.), Why It Is Imperative To Strengthen American Democracy Through Study, Dialogue and Change In Higher Education
Ande Diaz and Stephan Hiroshi Gilchrist, Dialogue on Campus: An Overview of Promising Practices
Martín Carcasson, Laura W. Black, and Elizabeth S. Sink, Communication Studies and Deliberative Democracy: Current Contributions and Future Possibilities
Katy J. Harriger, Political Science and the Work of Democracy
Sharon M. Meagher and Ellen K. Feder, The Troubled History of Philosophy and Deliberative Democracy
Sarah Marie Stitzlein, Deliberative Democracy in Teacher Education
Nancy C. Kranich, Academic Libraries As Hubs For Deliberative Democracy
Kiran Cunningham and Hannah McKinney, Towards the Recognition and Integration of Action Research and Deliberative Democracy
Matt Leighninger, Teaching Democracy in Public Administration: Trends and Future Prospects
Stephanie R. South, Making the Move from Shouting to Listening to Public Action: A Student Perspective on Millennials and Dialogue


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