Notable Publications

Here you can find some of the latest publications, reports, blogs, books and articles that are relevant to our work. If you have something we should post, contact us.

  • TDI Featured in Peer Review and Discussion Guide Available

    The latest issue of Peer Review (quarterly magazine published by AAC&U) focuses on student political engagement. TDI members authored some of the articles, including one by TDI’s Co-Director, Nancy Thomas.

    The Spring/Summer 2008 issue of Peer Review examines how the academy engages students in their learning today to help them grow as engaged citizens for tomorrow. It focuses on democratic civic engagement rather than service and in what some call civic agency. The editors of Peer Review were kind enough to allow us to share three of the feature articles which you can download here.

    Several TDI members wrote articles for the issue and we encourage you to make use of the discussion guide  we created to accompany this issue.

  • Shared Governance Lit Review

    The Center for Collaborative Policy at Sacramento State University recently released a literature review of shared governance in higher education. Written by William Leach, Director of the Center for Collaborative Policy, released Shared Governance in Higher Education: Structural and Cultural Responses to a Changing National Climate. The Center also conducted an assessment report for Sacramento State University on its own governance, which you can read here.

  • Democratic Theory & Practice Database

    The Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy at Kansas State University developed a Refworks database for sharing citations to literature on the study and practice of democracy. A Refworks database has been established for sharing citations to literature on the study and practice of democracy. Over 20,000 references have been collected. To visit the database, click here.

  • The Role of Public Reasoning

    Should “public reasoning” be viewed as a core student learning outcome, equal to learning goals of critical thinking and moral reasoning? Read about the role of public reasoning in a recent issue of the Journal of College and Character (PDF).


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