Institutional Support

We know that democracy is easier said than done. We’re not consultants. We’re educators and practitioners who have been doing this work for a long time on a lot of different kinds of campuses. We can help you:

  • create campus and community programs and structures for dialogue, deliberation, and action.
  • assess where you are currently making strides in democratic learning and leadership and identify where you can make changes
  • facilitate strategic changes
  • develop programs and courses in democratic ideals, theory, and practice
  • facilitate faculty development – dialogue and deliberation as a teaching method, managing political, cultural, or religious speech, and managing conflict in the classroom and in co-curricular programming
  • align departments with your institution’s public mission
  • turn a conflict or problem into an learning opportunity
  • strengthen university-community partnerships and relationships
  • make democratic decisions – and establish habits of participatory leadership and shared governance

Our support will be adapted to your particular issue and needs. We’re anything but flush, so we’ll have to work with you on a reasonable fee. To talk through your aspirations, contact us.


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