Democratic Teaching Methods

Dialogue and deliberation are valuable teaching tools, and faculty and organizers of co-curricular programming can learn from deliberative democracy advocates and practitioners. In this workshop, participants will examine a range of democratic strategies to make learning more interactive, engaging, and relevant to the development of students as citizens in a democracy. Specifically, we’ll consider:

  • How can democratic strategies, such as deliberative forums or intergroup dialogues, become part of the basic course design?
  • How do teachers and facilitators manage dialogue that is culturally, politically, or ideologically charged?
  • What barriers limit the use of democratic strategies in teaching, and how can these barriers be overcome?
  • What are the implications of using democratic strategies in classroom and co-curricular activities for justice in a democracy?
  • What strategies can campuses employ to make deliberative democracy part of the culture of the institution – a habit across campus?

Workshop duration: This is a two-part workshop, and it works best if there is a break in between parts. Part I is one and a half days; Part II is a half-day learning exchange.

Workshop Leaders: TBD


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